Great delivery of the material with additional knowledge and insight given on a regular basis to help get a bigger picture. John himself delivered the course, providing a friendly environment is which to discuss hypothetical first aid scenarios and past experiences with first aid.

As with any first aid course, there’s never enough time to learn everything there is. John kindly pointed to two books ‘outdoor first aid’ and ‘basic first aid’ to help supplement the theory, but of course nothing beats guided practice.

If you have the time, this is a well worth course to undergo for any outdoor enthusiast.

Outdoor First Aid Course
Course Participant, Osian

I attended the outdoor first aid course this weekend and it was brillant. Extremely informative, practical and with two highly trained professionals present it meant that any questions wasn’t simply answered but explained fully.

Outdoor First Aid Course
Course Participant, Gemma

Excellent service received from John Watt Safety & Technical Ltd. They quickly understood our business and guided us through the process to gain our Safe Contractor accreditation. Highly recommended.

Professional and competent
, Current client

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