Company Overview

John Watt Safety & Technical Ltd is a newly formed business consultancy specialising in supporting small and medium enterprises with a full range of safety and technical services. We are here to advise, inform and support you drive improvements in those areas of business that often do not add direct value to your product or service.

Our services include; health and safety consultancy, IT (information technology) support, training, business technology advice and process improvement.

Don’t be put off by the youth of our organisation; our principal consultant brings 15 years experience from industry accross a range of sectors including power generation, manufacturing, construction and facilities. From time to time we bring in other professionals to assist us with our goals; we always ensure that those we employ are qualified, experienced and competant.

With our youth comes innovative solutions, fresh ideas and a lot of passion and drive to support our clients needs. We work collaboratively with our clients to improve business processes and deliver benefits that support your aims and objectives in line with your business strategy.

Our Mission

Our mission is  provide exceptional value for customers. By delivering innovative and efficient solutions with professional integrity, we develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

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